TV Everywhere IP Video





Why Adara’s TV Everywhere solution?

  • Zero upfront CAPEX…. Saving Millions of Dollars
  • Simple pay-as-you grow model:  Subscriber-purchased low-cost CPE, scales to any size operator
  • Amazing customer experience:  Subscriber’s entire TV line-up is easily accessible via single sign-on
  • Out-of-home and In-home streaming supported
  • Subscriber’s DVR collection made available on-the-go…via streaming or download
  • Able to utilize subscriber’s own Roku and Chromecast in-home streaming devices, instead of costly STBs
  • NO burden on downstream Internet bandwidth (in USA, also means not subject to FCC’s Title II regs)
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, PC and Mac mobile devices
Other features of myCatapulTVe
  • Up to 4 simultaneous streaming sessions
  • DVR scheduling with remote control
  • Up to 20+ hours of onboard transcoded content storage, expandable to 1000s of hours via external USB drive
  • Parental Controls, DTCP-IP Link Security and DRM protection  (expires after 30 days or specified period)
  • Operator branding, colors and logos on every screen
  • 21st Century UI presentation and navigation


How does myCatapulTVe work?

Adara’s myCatapulTVe hub is a subscriber-purchased CPE device which is easily self-installed within their home network.  The hub enables the subscriber to access 100% of their own linear and DVR content (including broadcast, PPV, SIPV, SDV, etc.) from their STB/gateway on any device via their wireless home network or anywhere in the world via the internet.  Subscriber access is simple and easy. A single, initial sign-on with device auto-discovery, followed by securely saved credentials allows zero-sign-on thereafter… helping to create the ultimate customer experience. DVR recordings may be managed remotely via the device but also streamed or securely downloaded (with DRM) to the device to be conveniently enjoyed anywhere in the home or world, while connected or not.


How does it look?

With operator branding on every screen, subscribers can browse and enjoy their entire linear channel line-up and DVR content, all of which is presented to them with channel logos and poster art for easy, intuitive recognition and navigation.