Hosted/Managed VOD

Adara’s hosted Video-on-Demand solution is ideal for smaller video service providers who prefer to minimize upfront CAPEX in favour of a scalable, pay-as-you-grow, end-to-end solution model that enables them to stay competitive in an evergrowing television market.

VOD economically delivers an entry-level solution to put small cable operators and telco/IPTV service providers on the fast track toward generating on-demand revenue. The solution is access layer agnostic and can, therefore, be deployed over HFC or wired/wireless IP infrastructure. Further, VOD is built on Cisco's state-of-the-art Content Devliery System (CDS) and Tandberg Television's proven and flexible OpenStream back-office. It transcends traditional VOD and uses a highly scalable and efficient distributed architecture. It is designed not just to support today’s services but also to deliver “any stream to any screen.”

Subscribers are demanding more personalized video services that let them watch what they want, when they want. These services include video on demand (VOD), but go beyond it to include time shifting, network personal video recorder (network PVR), and advanced advertising.

To make things simpler for service providers, Adara has partnered with on-demand content providers for easy access to pre-packaged, scalable VOD programming including premium and high definition (HD) content. These content partnerships also enable operators to make locally-generated as well as internet content available to subscribers on-demand.

Adara  VOD Architecture

Beneftis of VOD:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • True end-to-end solution including on-demand programming
  • Reduced CAPEX and improved ROI
  • Financing / Leasing options available
  • Managed as a single system for easy operation
  • Traditional VOD and internet streaming enabled through a single unified system
  • Delivers video not just to set-tops but also to other devices
  • Flexible platform for both existing VOD services and next-generation applications