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 A Breakthrough Digital Video Solution for Moto-shops and Cisco-shops

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► Struggling to surpass satellite's competitive HD offerings?

► Are your customers underwhelmed by your STB User Interface? 

► DTA roll-outs costing too much and too disruptive? 

► Losing customers to competitors with richer IPTV offerings?  

► Want to see expanded revenue and profits without enduring a fork-lift change of your current head end and plant infrastructure? 


In partnership with Cisco Systems, Adara delivers revolutionary video solutions that address the unique challenges facing mid- and small-sized TV service providers.


Adara’s solution helps you…

 Retain subscribers and generate revenue by adding hundreds of HD channels to your network.

 Modernize your customer experience now with a customizable, next-generation STB User Interface enabling Whole Home DVR, immersive IPTV applications and much more.

 Avoid costly, time-consuming and disruptive analog reclamation, DTA roll-outs or plant bandwidth upgrades.

 Maintain past investments and infrastructure while lowering CPE costs and migrating to more IP video delivery.

 Plan for multi-screen, TV Everywhere delivery in a market-timely, cost-effective fashion.

 Revolutionize your TV business in just a few short months, without a forklift change of your head end or your set-top boxes.


Adara’s hosted and managed video solutions are a unique breakthrough in that they are applicable to any provider irrespective of whether they are currently invested in a Motorola, Cisco/SA, or other legacy digital video headend, CAS and associated set-top boxes.  The solutions incorporate Cisco’s Switched Digital Video (SDV) technology to deliver even hundreds of incremental HD services and it also combines Cisco’s advanced, web-connected set-top boxes with an advanced, next generation UI for interactive web applications, widgets and delivery of provider-controlled over-the-top (OTT) content.

Adara’s complete solution offering also includes professional services including logistics, system integration and technical support as well as customer financing and leasing in coordination with Cisco Capital.

Our hosting facility in downtown Toronto is home to more than 150 telecommunications companies and is one of North America's most connected buildings with 9 unique fibre-optic networks, 25 diverse entrances, and more than 7,000 strands of fibre. Here we host the very same world class Cisco/Scientific-Atlanta headend video solutions deployed by the largest cable MSOs and Telcos worldwide. This allows our smaller operator clients, who do not otherwise have the economies of scale, to remotely connect and share our solution platforms via a thin and secure VPN connection.

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