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  • App-based PayTV (IPTV)

    Why Adara’s TV Everywhere solution?

    • Amazing customer experience: Subscriber’s entire TV line-up is easily accessible via single sign-on
    • Out-of-home and in-home streaming supported
    • Add TVE/mobile experience to current STB-based TV experience
    • Eliminate reliance on current STB ecosystem for TVE/mobile delivery
    • Add alternative STB-based TV experience via low-cost IP STB
    • Customer-driven transition away from legacy STB to new app-based IPTV
    • Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV
    • Able to utilize subscriber’s own streaming devices including Apple TV’s AirPlay, Chromecast and Roku

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    Other features of myCatapulTVe®

    • Cloud DVR with Go-Back and Start-Over
    • In-app access to online video subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and YouTube
    • Search the guide, recordings and OnDemand libraries as well as online video services
    • Parental Controls, DTCP-IP Link Security and DRM protection
    • Operator branding
    • Operator-defined global recordings for IP VOD experience
    • 21st Century UI presentation and navigation
    • Subscriber authentication and management and billing interface via integrated Adara UTS Portal
    • Affordable, scalable, flexible business model
    Modern UI
    21st Century UI
    presentation and navigation

    How does myCatapulTVe® work?

    How it Works

    Adara’s myCatapulTVe® is an app-based PayTV solution that enables the subscriber to access 100% of their own linear and DVR content (including broadcast, PPV, SIPV, SDV, VOD, etc.) on any device, via the internet. Subscriber access is simple and easy. A single, initial sign-on with device auto-discovery, followed by securely saved credentials allows zero-sign-on thereafter… helping to create the ultimate customer experience. Linear, DVR, OnDemand and online content can be seamlessly enjoyed and managed anywhere in the home or world.

    How does it look?

    With operator branding on every screen, subscribers can browse and enjoy their entire linear, DVR, OnDemand and online content, all of which is presented with channel logos and poster art for easy, intuitive recognition and navigation.

    How it Looks