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This portal contains a host of tools and utilities designed to provide authorized operator users with real-time data, statistics and information pertaining to their own digital video network, set-top boxes (i.e. DHCTs) and other related equipment.

The following groups of utilities are available and are designed to help increase operational efficiency, provide better end-customer support and make more informed technical and business decisions:

Set-top Box Utilities & Remote Diagnostics

By entering either the set-top box Serial Number or MAC Address, the user immediately gains real-time access via the web browser to the complete set of real-time set-top box diagnostic screens which include hundreds of parameters.

Device Management & Network Monitoring Tools

Cisco and 3rd-party video solution devices such as Digital Content Manager, IP Video probes, etc. can be monitored and managed using this utility.

Reporting Tools

Users have access to various statistical summaries and operational status reports including real-time Set-top Box Status, Headend Equipment Status and Content/Channel Viewership.