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STB-based PayTV

Advanced Set-top-Box-based PayTV & Cloud-managed Video Control PlaneDeliver an advanced and compelling digital TV experience to subscribers with Adara’s unique STB-based Solution, managed and evolved from our Video Control Plane in-the-cloud for reduced costs and speedier time-to-market of innovative customer experience features.

Hosted Video Control Plane

With ongoing advances in video service delivery, increased content costs and declining video margins for operators, the realization that legacy QAM video services will likely exist for many years to come, and the desire to transition to newer app-based IPTV delivery, the professional management and evolution of traditional STB-based video control planes are becoming increasingly necessary, complicated and costly. Adara’s cloud-hosted and managed video control plane solution keeps cable operators in control with increased visibility to subscribers and the network, while still enabling them to reallocate resources to more profitable services and initiatives. At the same time, the Solution delivers a full range of advanced, STB-based digital video services and applications to stay ahead of competitors – without the significant CAPEX, OPEX and risk associated with deploying, maintaining and evolving a stand-alone Digital Network Control System (DNCS), Explorer Controller (EC) or Digital Addressable Controller (DAC). With the added convenience of a one-stop-shop for all Solution elements including STBs, headend hardware including video processing equipment and edgeQAMs, software, interactive program guide/UI, licensing, guide data, metadata, operational services, and more, Operators benefit from simplified and cost-effective management of their video business, more commensurate with the financial margins that this segment is delivering to their bottom lines.

This innovative approach includes Adara’s powerful, web-accessible Utilities & Tools Suite (UTS) Solution for remote geo-location set-top box (STB) diagnostics, network diagnostics, reporting, proactive video service monitoring and MUCH more that give the operator actionable visibility into their network, subscribers and services, with an array of tools and analytics to facilitate improved video network performance and reduced OPEX. In addition, Adara’s service specialists monitor, maintain and manage the system 24×7 to ensure that the operator’s customers receive the best possible TV experience. With a quick and easy upgrade to Adara’s SIPV Bandwidth Reclamation Solution, operators can not only deliver unlimited HD and UHD-4K channel line-ups to subscribers, but they can also free up significant spectrum bandwidth for accelerated DOCSIS broadband expansion to surpass competition and retain customers.

Unique STB-based Customer-Experience Features

  • Advanced, high-definition (HD) graphical Interactive Program Guide with responsive navigation
  • Whole Home DVR enables subscribers to have a single, multi-tuner STB/gateway in their home yet still be able to record or playback TV programs from any STB location throughout the home
  • Operator-defined TV-mix mosaics that enable subscribers to see and navigate between multiple channels of the same genre (e.g. sports, kids, news, etc.) on the screen at the time
  • Subscriber-defined TV-mix favorites that enable subscribers to create multiple single-screen mosaics of their own choosing, for every member of the household
  • Impulse Upsell enables subscribers to instantly subscribe to a-la-carte TV channels and packages, 24 hours a day, delivering convenience to customers and increased revenue for operators
  • Unlimited HD and UHD-4K channel offering with a quick and easy upgrade to Adara’s SIPV Bandwidth Reclamation Solution
  • Addition of 2nd and 3rd screen mobile video experience with a quick and easy upgrade to Adara’s myCatapulTVe® App-based (IPTV) Solution
STB-Based PayTV