About Adara

Adara Technologies Inc. delivers advanced, hosted and managed Switched IP Video (SIPV), digital TV (DTV) and IPTV solutions that enable small- and mid-sized cable operators and other TV service providers to revolutionize their TV businesses. Adara’s approach is unique in that it is truly solutions focused. As such, Adara regularly solves the following operator business challenges with its game-changing technology solutions:

  • The never-ending need for more bandwidth / capacity for more HD, 4K, DOCSIS, etc.
  • The need to revolutionize the guide/UI and overall customer experience
  • The need to stabilize and turn around eroding video margins and revenues
  • The desire for a cost-effective migration to “IPTV”, multi-screen TVE and more
  • The need to accelerate time-to-market of TV service innovations currently impacted by a lack of operator economies of scale.

By leveraging proven, widely deployed technologies from world class partners, implemented in a distributed “cloud-local” fashion, operators achieve the benefits of scale and efficiency with cloud-deployed video control plane elements and the benefits of performance with solution elements deployed within the operator’s local headend or network. This, coupled with Adara’s success-based, pay-as-you-grow business model, reinforces a strong operating partnership between Adara and its customers that is focussed on the same strategic interest – winning and retaining subscribers and their associated ARPU on behalf of TV service provider customers.

Through complementary video services, enriching new features and next-generation user experiences, Adara’s solutions help service providers affordably change their game, surpass their competition and increase revenues quickly. Adara’s complete managed service solutions include advanced multi-screen gateways, web-connected set-top boxes, advanced Interactive Program Guide and User Experience software clients, content/guide metadata, headend and network equipment, system integration, technical support, ongoing operational services featuring powerful world class utilities as well as customer financing and leasing that enable zero-CAPEX options, if desired.

Adara’s game-changer solution for cable operators has recently been described by industry leaders as “Cable’s Fast-track to Infinite HD and IPTV” and is a unique breakthrough in that it is applicable to any service provider irrespective of whether the provider is currently invested in a Motorola, Cisco/SA, or other legacy digital video headend, CAS and associated set-top boxes.

In addition to enabling infinite HD channel line-ups including OTT delivered to main- and multi-screen devices, Adara’s solution provides operators the option of delivering compelling applications such as IPTV widgets, Subscriber Impulse Up-Sell, enhanced global search, interactive Social TV applications, Whole Home DVR and multi-screen TVE features more traditionally associated with the latest Tier One operator implementations.