Cable Cable of Ontario Benefits from Advanced Video Services at Fraction of Cost of Alternative Solutions

TORONTO, ON – May 25, 2011 – Adara Technologies Inc., the provider of cloud-based, hosted and managed video solutions that enable mid-to-small sized service providers to deliver advanced video services, today announced that Cable Cable Inc., a Canadiancable television operator with 4,200 cable subscribers in Ontario, has quadrupled its number of digital subscribers, with a corresponding increase in ARPU (Average Revenue per Unit), in the two years that the cable operator has deployed the Adara switche ddigital video (SDV) solution.

Also, since the launch of the solution in 2009, Cable Cable has increased by nearly 500% the number of HD channels it now offers to subscribers, from 25 HD channels at launch (and nomore room to grow) to 100 HD channels today with ample amount of bandwidth to continue adding more HD services every quarter.

“We could not be more delighted with the phenomenal success we have achieved through theAdara Technologies solution in just two years,” said Tony Fiorini, President and Owner of CableCable. “Prior to launching with Adara, we had no way of making the critical improvements toour service offering. Our video service now rivals that of the largest Tier1 operators in metro areas in North America and we easily have the best product available in our area.” Continued Cable Cable General Manager Michael Fiorini, “Recognizing that, normally, SDV is acomplicated technology to deploy and operate fora small operator, with Adara’s expertise andhosted and managed implementation, it was as easy and transparent to our customers as flickinga switch.”

The Adara hosted and managed solution incorporates Cisco’s revolutionary yet widely-deployed and proven Switched Digital Video technology with Cisco’s legacy and advanced digital set-topboxes to enable advanced interactive and HD video services for service providers. Designed to co-exist with other (e.g. Motorola) digital video platforms set-top boxes and conditional access technologies that service providers may currently be supporting, the solution’s cost is a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions, as much as one-tenth or less in some cases. “We are so glad that we didn’t pursue analog reclamation using DTAs,” continued Michael Fiorini. “That alone would have cost us millions of dollars with a lot of pain and customer disruption over, at least, a two year roll-out. Instead, this [Adara SDV solution] cost us a small fraction of that and we were live in four months.”

“Before now, mid-to-small sized operators have been at a significant disadvantage,” said Joseph Nucara, CEO and Co-Founder of Adara Technologies. “Deployment of such advanced video technology as SDV was not an option for independent providers. Either the cost was prohibitive, the technology was too complicated or it was simply not made available to them because of their size. The Adara hosted and managed solution makes it possible for any service provider to dramatically upgrade its service offering in a game-changing way to compete with anyone on alevel playing field, or better.”

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Adara Technologies Inc. delivers game-changing solutions that enable cable service providers to revolutionize their Broadband and Video businesses. One of Adara’s signature breakthroughs is its low-cost SIPV solution which enables operators to inexpensively free up to 80% of their bandwidth in as little as 90 days for immediate DOCSIS expansion to multi-Gigabit and beyond.


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