Hosted solution for small operators enables advanced services to subscribers

TORONTO, ON – May 6, 2009 – Adara Technologies Inc. today announced that Cable Cable Inc., a Canadian cable television operator with 4,000 cable subscribers in Fenelon Falls, ON and surrounding areas, is now offering advanced interactive and HD video services to its subscribers using a comprehensive Cisco® Switched Digital Video (SDV) system incorporating Cisco’s advanced digital set-top boxes.

With the accelerating rollout of advanced, bandwidth-hungry digital services, such as high-definition television (HDTV) and video-on-demand (VoD), Cisco’s SDV system helps operators more efficiently utilize bandwidth, while priming their site operations for next-generation advanced services and new revenue- generating opportunities.

Previously, deployment of this advanced technology was the purview of North America’s largest cable operators. Now, thanks to Adara’s hosted commercial deployment of Cisco’s digital video solution with integrated SDV technology, coupled with Adara’s support and integration services, this advanced solution technology can be deployed by cable TV operators of all sizes.

“Our hosted Cisco solutions make the most powerful, big-operator technologies available to small operators for the first time,” said Stan Koukarine, Adara’s CTO and Co-founder. “Our scalable and hosted Cisco digital TV and SDV solutions enable cable TV service providers to strategically expand their network and service offerings,” continued Joseph Nucara, Adara’s CEO and Co-founder. “And the added flexibility of financing options from Cisco Capital rounds out this total solution and makes it even more attractive in this challenging economy”.

“After struggling for years with lesser digital cable TV solutions from other vendors with no success, we and our subscribers are delighted with the advanced digital set-top boxes and services that are now available on our HFC network,” said Michael Fiorini, General Manager of Cable Cable. “With this solution we effectively multiply our network capacity by 3-to-5 times, giving us plenty of room for hundreds of HD channels and much more.”

“Our high quality HD services, EPG and impulse pay-per-view services, for example, are top-notch and, indeed, something to be proud of,” added Tony Fiorini, President and Owner of Cable Cable. “Adara also facilitated the integration of the Cisco digital solution with our billing system, which makes it very easy for our customers to purchase pay-per-view events and, accordingly, also makes charging the customers’ accounts completely automatic for us. We can’t wait to deploy the VOD solution on the same Cisco platform hosted by Adara Technologies.”

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Adara Technologies Inc. delivers game-changing solutions that enable cable service providers to revolutionize their Broadband and Video businesses. One of Adara’s signature breakthroughs is its low-cost SIPV solution which enables operators to inexpensively free up to 80% of their bandwidth in as little as 90 days for immediate DOCSIS expansion to multi-Gigabit and beyond.


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