Cable Operator Posts 22% Increase in Video Customers over Last 5 YearsCredits Adara Technologies’ SIPV Solution with Solving Bandwidth Crunch and Enabling Company-wide Focus on Game-Changing Customer Experience

TORONTO, ON – February 6, 2018 – Adara Technologies Inc., the provider of game-changing solutions for mid-sized cable service providers, today announced that its customer Coopérative de Câblodistribution de L’Arrière Pays (CCAP) of Quebec City, a triple-play service provider with 15,000 video subscribers has experienced a 22% growth in digital video subscribers over the past five years, far surpassing results of most North American cable operators. CCAP attributes much of its positive results to the launch of Adara Technologies’ Switched IP Video (SIPV) solution in 2012, which enabled easy, worry-free bandwidth-on-demand and permitted the company to focus entirely on differentiating its customer experience.

CCAP expects to generate even greater Customer Satisfaction success through the utilization of Adara’s new advanced video User Interface/ Customer Experience platform recently launched at the end of 2017. The platform leverages the latest 4K RF+IP hybrid boxes as well as existing set-tops, all of which have enabled the continued addition of advanced UI features and interactive applications traditionally associated with advanced Tier I IPTV implementations. The platform delivers such subscriber-friendly features as Whole Home DVR, modernized content search and discovery capability including customizable subscriber video mosaics, operator-definable TV-Mix mosaics, operator-branded look and feel, a weather app, intuitive remote control short-cuts and other several navigation enhancements.

The Adara SIPV solution frees up a significant amount of bandwidth for expansion of DOCSIS Internet services as well as new video services such as 4K UltraHD. The solution delivers video more efficiently by “switching” multicast programs into network service groups only when they are requested, rather than wasting valuable bandwidth by the typical practice of broadcasting all channels, to all set-top boxes, all the time. The benefit is that SIPV can free up to 80% or more of an operator’s video bandwidth in as little as 90 days so that it can be immediately used for DOCSIS 3.0, 3.1 or Full Duplex expansion to multi-Gigabit.

“Five years ago, CCAP’s launch of our SIPV solution was a very strategic enabler of worry-free bandwidth-on-demand,” said Joseph Nucara, CEO and Co-founder of Adara, “permitting them to focus their entire company on customer experience differentiation like faster Broadband tiers, more HD and 4K and a better UI rather than, every year, fighting the constant tug-of-war for bandwidth with time-consuming and disruptive, yet temporary methods. Within the next week, for example, they will be launching a complete, advanced video offering of linear and VOD for the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics — with no concern about additional channel availability — something only the most innovative cable operators can deliver.”

“The revolutionary and compelling customer services and capabilities have enabled us to win against satellite and growing IPTV competition,” said Stéphane Arseneau, CCAP’s General Manager. “It has provided us with a winning combination of significant bandwidth expansion, new and innovative local channels and highly popular content delivery features and UI. And, not only does it allow us to quickly surpass the competition’s HD channel offering, it also has prepared us for an imminent launch of 4K UltraHD content plus further DOCSIS expansion to insure continued high customer satisfaction and subscriber growth.”

“On top of all that, Adara’s suite of remote diagnostic, reporting and control utilities have also delivered a tremendous bonus,” said Marco Gonzàlez, CCAP’s Customer Service Chief of Staff. “These have helped us provide better, more responsive and even proactive customer service which in turn has greatly improved our retention rates and reduced churn,” he continued.

“The important core building blocks of SIPV are widely-deployed, proven, and extremely reliable,” said Stan Koukarine, Adara’s CTO and Co-founder. “And of even greater significance is that SIPV works seamlessly with legacy QAM set-tops and gateways. In fact, with SIPV, the overall customer experience is not only better and more reliable than broadcasting, but the super-efficient delivery mechanism enables an unlimited channel line-up permitting a low-cost, success-based introduction of 4K UltraHD, as well.

“And, not only has the SIPV solution successfully met CCAP’s Internet expansion and video upgrade goals, but the Company was able to achieve this while avoiding a disruptive DTA rollout, an HFC plant upgrade and a STB forklift, each of which are many times the cost of the SIPV solution.”

About CCAP

The Coopérative de Câblodistribution de L’Arrière Pays has delivered cable television and telecommunications services for almost 35 years. The company supports a family approach in its offering of products, thus aiming at satisfying a greater number of possible users. The Co-operative also aims to offer products adapted to the needs for each customer. The mission of CCAP is to address the needs of its customers while remaining a dynamic organization in the field of the cable television and telecommunications. (

About Adara Technologies Inc.

Adara Technologies Inc. delivers game-changing solutions that enable cable service providers to revolutionize their Broadband and Video businesses. One of Adara’s signature breakthroughs is its low-cost SIPV solution which enables operators to inexpensively free up to 80% of their bandwidth in as little as 90 days for immediate DOCSIS expansion to multi-Gigabit and beyond.


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