Operator to Super-bundle Live Linear Programming and OTT Streaming Apps, Universal Search and Multi-screen delivery to Accelerate Broadband Growth

TORONTO, ON – July 19, 2023 – Adara Technologies Inc. (www.adara-tech.com) today announced that it has been chosen by Diffusion Fermont ( “La Coopérative de la Télévision Communautaire de Fermont”) to deploy its game-changing myCatapulTVe® IP Video Solution that is specifically designed to accelerate broadband growth for service providers, leveraging such features as free onscreen advertising of provider internet services on every fixed and mobile TV screen.

Located in Fermont, Quebec near the Quebec/Labrador border, Fermont is a mining community with approximately 1,000 subscribers. In addition to providing television and Internet, Diffusion Fermont also operates a local radio station. It was established in 1979.

Diffusion is a member of the Fédération des Coopératives de Câblodistribution et de Télécommunication du Québec (“FCCTQ”), headquartered in Quebec City. Earlier this year, FCCTQ entered into an exclusive agreement with Adara to make available its myCatapulTVe® app-based IP Video Solution to all of the group’s members. FCCTQ represents 22 cable/telecommunications Co-op and non-profit organizations throughout the Province of Quebec, serving a total of approximately 75,000 customers.

Industry analysts report that service providers who bundle video with their broadband service experience 2X-5X the broadband subscriber growth and lower churn than those who offer no video. Consequently, the Adara IP Video Solution enables service providers to become one-stop super-bundlers of live linear TV and OTT streaming services as they add multi-screen capabilities.  The agreement is another example of how service providers are now strategically positioning themselves for expected future distribution deals with the 400+ streaming TV providers who have been grappling with unsustainable direct-to-consumer business models and disillusioned investors.

Isabelle Nadon, Managing Director for Diffusion Fermont and a board member of FCCTQ, said, “We have been thoroughly impressed by the Adara team—not only their full understanding of the technology and service required, but the human aspect they bring to our relationship. They make us feel that we are their most important priority and we feel that they have become valuable members of our business family.”

“Our partners value our telecommunications industry experience and the fact that Adara’s solutions are multilingual is especially important to our French-speaking customers,” said Normand Tremblay, Directeur, Développement des Affaires, Québec for Adara. “Like other operators, Diffusion Fermont recognizes that the primary benefit of our IP Video Solution is to build and differentiate their brand, positively impact customer service and ultimately accelerate market share and growth for broadband internet services as well as video services.”

About Adara Technologies Inc.

Adara Technologies Inc. delivers game changing solutions that enable cable service providers to revolutionize their Broadband and Video businesses. One of Adara’s signature breakthroughs is its SIPV Bandwidth Reclamation Solution which enables operators to inexpensively free up massive amounts of spectrum in as little as 90 days, without disrupting customers and risking associated revenue losses, for immediate DOCSIS expansion to multi-Gigabit and beyond.  Another game-changer, Adara’s myCatapulTVe® App-based IP Video Solution enables operators to curate and deliver live linear, VOD and OTT/SVOD content including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and more using the operator’s own app as a one-stop destination for customers, without the need for the operator executing separate, extremely onerous business relationships with OTT/SVOD providers.


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