Operator to Super-Bundle Live Linear, OTT/SVOD, Universal Search on Variety of Consumer Devices

TORONTO, ON – May 2, 2023 – Adara Technologies Inc. (www.adara-tech.com) today announced that it has been chosen by RTC Havre-St-Pierre ( “Radio Télévision Communautaire Havre St-Pierre”) to deploy its game-changing myCatapulTVe® IP Video Solution that enables broadband and cable service providers to add “TV Everywhere” services seamlessly to their networks and/or to migrate quickly and efficiently to app-based streaming Pay TV services.

Located in Havre-St-Pierre, Quebec on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River, the Havre-St-Pierre community comprises many small town and villages with a total population of approximately 5,500.  It is 1,000 km northeast of Montreal and faces the magnificent and unique Anticosti Island (candidate since 2018 to become a UNESCO World Heritage site). It is an important tourist region that attracts over 30,000 visitors a year.

RTC Havre-St-Pierre is a member of the Fédération des Coopératives de Câblodistribution et de Télécommunication du Québec (“FCCTQ”), headquartered in Quebec City. Earlier this year, FCCTQ entered into an exclusive agreement with Adara to make available its myCatapulTVe® app-based IP Video Solution to all of the group’s members. FCCTQ represents 22 cable/telecommunications Co-op and non-profit organizations throughout the Province of Quebec, serving a total of approximately 75,000 customers.

Patrick Cadieux, Managing Director for RTC Havre-St-Pierre, and a board member of FCCTQ, said, “We at RTC Havre-St-Pierre and the Fédération have been most impressed by the innovativeness and professionalism of the Adara team. They truly understand our needs as a smaller regional operator who competes against national players and with their sound financial structure and solid operational support, I believe they represent the best in a business partnership.”

“We know that the fact that Adara’s solutions are multilingual and are based on decades of telecommunications industry experience are highly valued by our partners,” said Normand Tremblay, Directeur, Développement des Affaires, Québec for Adara. “RTC Havre-St-Pierre is the first customer resulting from our FCCTQ agreement and we look forward to entering into partnerships with other members for both our IP advanced video solutions as well as our bandwidth efficiency and reclamation expertise.”

About Adara Technologies Inc.

Adara Technologies Inc. delivers game changing solutions that enable cable service providers to revolutionize their Broadband and Video businesses. One of Adara’s signature breakthroughs is its SIPV Bandwidth Reclamation Solution which enables operators to inexpensively free up massive amounts of spectrum in as little as 90 days, without disrupting customers and risking associated revenue losses, for immediate DOCSIS expansion to multi-Gigabit and beyond.  Another game-changer, Adara’s myCatapulTVe® App-based IP Video Solution enables operators to curate and deliver live linear, VOD and OTT/SVOD content including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube and more using the operator’s own app as a one-stop destination for customers, without the need for the operator executing separate, extremely onerous business relationships with OTT/SVOD providers.


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